Senior Gold | Senior Silver

Senior Gold

This is the top level of CAC, practice group for 14 & older swimmers coached by the Head Coach. Practices are scheduled six days per week, and some morning practices may be required. Correct stroke mechanics are emphasized in each practice session, as swimmers are developed to improve and become the best athlete possible. Space in this group is limited, and swimmers who meet the minimum performance requirements may be assigned to other groups until space becomes available. Swimmers are expected to attend all practice sessions and scheduled competitions.

Senior Silver

This group is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of 14 & older swimmer’s. Whether you are just getting started in competitive swimming, or if you are a competitive swimmer who is also participating in other sports, the Silver group is for you. The focus of this practice group is to improve the swimmer’s stroke skills and develop their enthusiasm for swimming. Swimmers are given a challenging practice designed to teach them how to be more efficient in the water. Swimmers must be able to swim 50 yards without assistance to start in this group. Meet participation is optional, but encouraged. Swimmers are encouraged to attend 3 of the 4 weekly practices to get the most out of this group